EMP integration with Othot!

Othot is a Liaison-owned company that provides predictive and prescriptive analysis around the enrollment funnel from machine learning algorithms.

Have you had any of the following questions:

  • I need to plan my budget so that I can achieve my goals for all funnel stages. How can I focus my budget to get the highest ROI?

  • I want to know which events or campaigns will provide the greatest impact on my enrollment funnel so I can plan my budget accordingly.

  • Will this campaigns or events will provide the greatest impact on my enrollment funnel numbers?

Othot creates personal data models to inform you of the campaigns, messaging, events, and individual financial aid increases that will provide you with the greatest increases to your enrollment funnel numbers.

Othot can now make predictions from your EMP account and inform you of the highest impact actions to take to increase your enrollment funnel numbers. EMP users can now invest in campaigns and events expected to produce the greatest increases in ROI.

What new features will I see in EMP?

Othot field category and fields:

The EMP team has added default Othot fields into your EMP account so that you can easily take action upon the predictions that Othot provides!

You can find your Othot fields in the "Field Categories" section of EMP Settings:

Here is a list of descriptions and sample values for the Othot fields in your EMP account:




Date Provided

When the calculation was last refreshed


Outcome Name

The outcome for which likelihood is calculated


Division Name

The name of a customer’s subpopulations

Campus A, Law School Campus


The predicted percentage that the outcome will occur



The categorical ranking of a student’s Likelihood


Othot Student Record URL

A url string that can be used to redirect a user to the individual view of the student in Othot. This would enable the user to do individual prescription analysis if desired.

Most Impactful Feature

The most impactful prescription that could be done for that individual student.

Campus Visit: Inquiry

Most Impactful Value

The value of the most impactful feature.


Most Impactful Impact

The increase the most impactful prescription would have on the students likelihood score.


Likelihood Factor

The factor that represents how much more or less likely the individual is compared to the average for this lifecycle phase



Name of prescribed action which will impact the outcome

”Visit type 6”; “Visit type 13”

Expected Impact

The predicted percentage increase to the likelihood of the Outcome if the action is taken


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