Improved Ability to Reach International Students via PDF, PURL Link Click Group Filter Enhanced, Form Access added to Form Settings, and Usage added to Custom Forms.

Reach international students like never before!

International Students from Any Country Can be Sent PDFs (release date: 4/13/22)

Have you wanted to send PDFs to students who you know are international, but are restricted due to international address data points missing on the student records?

You're in luck! We have added the ability to bypass the need for all of the international address fields to have valid field values. Now you can simply inform your CSM team that you would like the print piece to send international students PDFs and they will deliver to the international students regardless of what country the students are from.

Improved PURL Link Group Interaction Filter (release date: 4/13/22)

Have you ever asked questions such as:

  • Which PURL pages have the most students visited?

  • Which link clicks do my students click on each PURL page?

  • Which PURL pages are generating the most link clicks?

  • Which PURL pages paths are my students travelling?

We have enhanced the experience when using PURL Link Click Interaction Filters in the group builder to be able to answer these questions!

The interaction filter update will appear by making the "Type" equal "Link Clicks":

"Start" refers to the PURL page the student was on when pressing the link:

"Destination": is the PURL page or external link the student went to after clicking on the link on the "Start" PURL page:

If the "Start" PURL page, has external links that a student can click on, they will appear in this drop down too:

Form Access Added to Form Settings (release date: 4/13/22)

We have added the ability to choose which permission groups are able to access forms when building or editing the form.

NOTE: This will be available when building or editing all form types: inquiry, custom, application and/or search engine marketing forms.

Previously, users had to go into EMP Settings - Form Access. Now, users are able to edit the access inside the form itself!

"Usage" added as a column for Custom Forms (Release Date 4/13/22)

Have you ever asked any of the following thoughts:

  • Which PURL page(s) am I using my custom forms on?

  • It takes me too long to find which custom form I should edit

  • I don't know which custom forms are on my PURL page(s)

We have added a column in the forms page of EMP that will help alleviate these thoughts.

As you can see from this screenshot below, there is a "1" to the right of the custom form "Field Rules Testing" . The "1" indicates this custom form is in use by one PURL page.

If the "1" is selected, it expands to say "In use by", and links to which PURL page(s) the custom form is used/

NOTE: SEM forms, Inquiry forms, and Application forms will not populate with a usage icon.

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