Choose PURL pages to bypass Student PURL Logins and Automatically Populate Field Options in Imports.

Take control of your campaigns like never before!

Choose PURL Pages to bypass the Unrestricted View of PURL (release date: 3/1/22)

Users can now choose which PURL pages are able to bypass the unrestricted view of the PURL. If a user chooses to bypass the login of a certain PURL page, students will not be required to login to view the PURL page. This is particularly useful for campaigns that send students to the PURL including:

  • Sending students to a custom variable video on a PURL page

  • Sending students to a Youtube or Vimeo video on a PURL page

  • Sending students to a form page (More Info form, deposit form, other custom forms, etc.)

  • All widgets will be shown on the page that is whitelisted

To bypass the login of the PURL for a specific page, press "Show private information without login":

NOTE: If the PURL page does not require a login, any private or sensitive data on the page will be shown. However, social security number will never appear on the PURL.

This feature allows users to take control of identifying which PURL pages they'd like to not require as being secured.

Auto-Populating Field Options in Imports (release date: 3/1/22)

Does it take you too long to map fields that have many options when conducting imports? Good news - we have added the ability to auto populate field options as exact text.

The field must be first added as a single select/multi select/radio button/checkbox type. Users can then auto populate the field options to the field in EMP.

All future options for this field in the import you designated to auto-populate will automatically be added to the field.

NOTE: This feature is not applicable to assets.

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