PURL Impersonation, Email Conversation Foldering, Text Message Conversation Replying and Foldering, Appending a Unique Identifier Field to Exports, and a bug fix for emails not delivering to campus email addresses.

Clients should have the most possible opportunities to communicate with students throughout the enrollment process.

PURL Impersonation Feature (release date: January 18th)

Users can now preview the unrestricted PURL of a student without needing to login. Users can assist their students with any actions within their PURLs such as submitting forms (such as the text opt in form) or viewing videos.

Users can impersonate the PURL by going to a student profile in EMP, pressing "Actions" and "Impersonate".

NOTE: This creates actions on the student record and any action conducted on the PURL will operate as if the student did it themselves.

Email Conversation Foldering (release date: January 18th)

All clients have an ever-growing email conversation list, and there previously was no way to organize the conversations. Now, you can folder email conversations just like you can folder groups.

For example, you can create a folder for "No Reply Needed" and place all email conversations that do not require a response into this folder.

The ability to folder email conversations in this manner helps users reply to students better and provides more chances to enroll students at their best fit institution.

Text Conversation Messaging and Foldering (release date: January 18th)

Similar to email conversation foldering, all clients have an ever-growing text conversation list. Previously, there was no way to respond to text messages directly in EMP and no way to folder the text conversations.

Users now have the ability to respond and manage text message conversations. This now allows the option to communicate in three ways with students in EMP (Email, Text, and Print).

Users also now have the ability to reply to text messages directly in the "Outreach" - "Text Conversations" as well as the same foldering ability as email conversations.

Appending a Unique Identifier Field to Exports (release date: January 18th)

We have made some changes to the "Include additional files" part of building an export. Previously, if you checked off "Notes for these students", "Touch-points for these students", "Sources for these students", "Stage conversions" "Interactions", or "Entry Year conversions", the second file will always have the same fields each time the export is changed.

Now, you can choose a unique identifier field of your choice to be appended to the end of the second file.

This feature greatly improves the workability of EMP with other products. Products such as WebAdmit (CAS ID) and SalesForce (SalesForce ID) can now easily be exported with important data such as Stage Change Conversions, Touch-points for students, and Sources for students.

EMP's workability is also improved with third party vendors that our clients work with. Many third party vendors have separate unique identifiers. EMP can now send important two way data back to these vendors with the desired unique identifier.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where emails were not delivering to campus email addresses.

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