Engagement Monitoring feature updated, Chinese IP addresses added to privacy notice, and a bug fix for the student audit page.

Students should have the most possible opportunities to enroll at their best fit institution without damaging our clients' email sending reputations.

Engagement Monitoring feature update:

The purpose of the Engagement Monitoring feature (Rolled out in July 2021) is to avoid damaging email sending reputation so you can maximize the number of opportunities aligned students have to enroll at their best fit institution.

We have made several key changes to the Engagement Monitoring feature to ensure students are getting the messages they need to enroll at their best fit institution.

  • List of students who have been paused from email communication list (release date 10/14/21)

  • Excluded any event reminder/sign up email tracks from the feature (release date 10/27/21)

  • Excluded inquiry stage students from email pausing (release date 11/19/21)

  • Expanded email limits to engaged prospects (Coming soon)

Students who are in the EMP stage of "Inquiry" will be excluded from the engagement monitoring feature. This means that all stages from inquiry through the rest of the enrollment funnel will not be affected by the engagement monitoring feature and will never appear on the paused email list.

Chinese IP Addresses added to our Privacy Notice page:

China launched new data privacy laws to impose protections and restrictions on data collection and transfer that companies (both inside and outside of China) have to address.

Previously, the IP addresses that were added to our privacy notice were EU-only visitors.

Now, Chinese IP addresses will be added to our privacy notice as well.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused student audit lists to take significantly long times to load.

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