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How do I make monthly and overall enrollment goals?

Goals are found under the "Analytics" tab of EMP. If you do not have the "Analytics" tab in EMP, this means that your EMP contract does not include it and thus you will not be able to use goals unless you purchase access.

What are your enrollment/marketing goals? Goals can be any type of desired result such as:

  • The overall enrollment size of an entry year

  • The number of out of state inquiries

  • The number of applicants for each rep or counselor

  • Any other filtered number of students!

A simple, effective practice is to start with your annual goals, and then break them down into smaller chunks, so you can track your progress regularly and ensure you’re on pace to hit those larger annual goals. EMP makes it easy to focus on current, smaller goals by only showing you “live” goals on the Dashboard. You only need to set your goals up once at the beginning of the year and EMP will do the rest for you.

Creating enrollment goals:

For this example, our goal for overall enrollment size for 2022 is 1,000 students.

1. First, we may need to create a “Group” that defines the filter criteria for all students that match our goal. If you already have a group, proceed to step 2.

In this example, the group would contain two filters for our 2022 (Entry Year) enrolled (Stage) students. Give the group a unique, descriptive name so you can find it in the next step.

2. Now that we have the group built, we need to create a goal –found under Analytics—to track the population in that Group over time.

3. After pressing "New Goal" or editing an existing one, the following modal will appear. At this step, you can edit the goal in the following ways:

  • Name the goal: "2022 Enrolled"

  • Assign the goal:

  • If this is an overall goal and represents your entire team's efforts, make the goal be assigned to "All Users".

  • If this is an individual goal for a rep, you can assign this goal to whomever it is for.

  • NOTE: If you want to make individual goals for reps, the group we made in step 1 would need to have the rep filter with the designated rep. In this example, for rep Greg - the group criteria would then be:

  • Assigned Rep = Greg

  • Entry year = 2022

  • Stage = Enrolled

  • Add the group from step 1 to the goal

  • Set your target number of students for the goal: "1,000" in this example

  • Set the timeframe for the goal: this represents the time the goal will be on your EMP Dashboard.

  • In this example, since our goal is for 2022 enrollment - the date can be from today's date (11/1/21) to the end of 2022 recruitment cycle (9/1/22).

Creating monthly enrollment goals:

You can also create monthly enrollment goals that will simultaneously be tracked with your overall enrollment goals.

Sticking with the example above for the 2022 enrollment goal of 1,000 students - we will create individual monthly enrollment goals.

  1. Add another "New Goal" for the first month you want to track:

  • Name the goal: "11/21 2022 Enrolled Students"

  • Assign the goal: If this is an overall goal, assign to "All users"

  • Group: use the same group as you used for your overall enrollment goal

  • Set the target number of students for November: ex. "100"

  • Set the timeframe for the goal: this represents the time the goal will be on your EMP Dashboard. Since this goal is only for November '21, make the timeframe "11/1/21 - 11/30/21"

  • Since this goal's timeframe is from 11/1/21 - 11/30/21, this goal will only appear in the EMP Dashboard during this time. On 12/1/21, the goal won'twill not appear on the dashboard anymore. You can see all goals by pressing "Analytics" and then "Goals".

2. Repeat this process for each month you want to assign the goal for:

  • November '21, December '21, January '22, February '22, March '22, April '22, May '22, June '22, July '22, & August '22 enrollment goals all need to be separate goals.

  • December '21's goal: repeat step 1 but instead of the goal being named "11/21 2022 Enrolled Students", use "12/21 2022 Enrolled Students".

  • Make the timeframe "12/1/21 - 12/31/21."

  • Repeat this process for all other months.

View of EMP Dashboard after creating both goals:

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