Pre-login PURL expanded to show inline Rep Variables and Cross-PURL links

Students should have as few barriers to taking next step as possible.

Though logging in is business-as-usual to most, the more relevant content that can be shown before requiring a log in, the better.

After reviewing PURL usage behavior and client feedback, two key elements were identified which promote a personalized experience on the PURL without requiring authentication (logging in), as neither expose any protected personal information, nor allow a student's record to be updated.

  1. Students should always be able to view their assigned rep information - whether in the rep widget, or inline in a text widget.

  2. Students should always be able to view their key CTA's (i.e buttons) - especially when linked to another page on the PURL.


Previously, Rep Information could only be shown in the unauthenticated PURL view via the "Rep widget" as any text widget containing any Rep variables (Rep First Name, Rep Last Name, etc) would automatically be hidden.

Similarly, any text widget or image widget that contained a cross-PURL link (using the Unique PURL variable to direct the student to another page in their PURL) would also be automatically hidden.

Now, any widget that contains the Unique PURL or any Rep variables (Rep First Name, Rep Last Name, etc) will no longer be automatically be hidden.

However, a widget WILL be hidden in the authenticated view if it contains ANY other student variables not on the PURL Variable Whitelist.

PURL Variable Whitelist:

  • First Name

  • Unique PURL

  • Rep Info (Rep First Name, Rep Last Name, etc.)


  • Rep Info: The center Rep Info text widget with direct links would previously have been hidden in the authenticated view.

  • CTA (Linked Image): The blue "Explore SSW" button is an example of a CTA that previously was hidden in the unauthenticated view.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that prevented some clients from setting up new GoToWebinar Simulated Live Events when their GTW accounts contained a large number of recordings on file to select from.

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