Released on October 14, 2021.

EMP's Engagement Monitoring will automatically minimize the amount of harmful "unresponded" email you send, so you don't need to build more logic into your Campaign's groups, but you will want to keep track of any key students who become unengaged and paused, so you can reach out directly to them, or reset their engagement individually.

Viewing All Students with Paused Emails

EMP's Engagement Monitoring keeps track of every engagement from every students, and compares that with the number of emails that Prospect and Inquiry students have received since they last engaged. Those that cross a threshold of emails are paused from additional emails for a variable period of time in order to avoid filling inboxes with undesired emails (and hurting future email deliverability).

Since students can be sent emails or engage again at any time, their status can be in flux constantly, and a single place to view all currently paused students was necessary.

  • This new list can be found below the Settings sidebar menu: "Email Outreach Paused" (or bookmark the link!)

  • You can sort on the columns to find those engaged records by Entry Year, and click on any record to view their history, reach out, or simply reset their engagement and remove from this list.*


    • This list does not include any students in the Applicant stage or above. Engagement Monitoring (and email pausing) only applies to Inquiry and Prospect students.

    • This list does not include any Inactive/Archived or Deleted records. Be sure to "Archive" your past Entry Years to keep this list as clean and actionable as possible.

    • The default date for all records is 12/16/2020, which will be the earliest possible date under the "Last Engaged" column and indicates that a record has either never engaged, or hasn't engaged since then.

Resetting a Student's Engagement

Any Prospect/Inquiry student who is currently "paused" from emails can have their engagement reset, which will enable them to start receiving emails again, just as if they had opened an email, viewed a PURL page or attended event.

  • Open a student's record (such as from the above Email Outreach Paused list).

  • Choose the "Reset Engagement" option from the Actions menu:

    NOTE: If you do not see this option, contact your account Administrator to add the required permission to your Permission Group, or reset the student on your behalf.

  • Confirm the action, and you're all done! The student will now be available to receive emails again, just as if they had engaged with an email or their PURL.

*WARNING: Resetting engagement once does not guarantee a student will not show up again if emails are sent and no engagement occurs.

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