To-Dos Module

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We've created a brand new tool to help keep track of to-do's and assigned work. This page can be accessed by selecting Account/To-Dos

  1. Complete Filtered To-Dos - After filtering the list of To-Do's based on your desired criteria, this will complete the filtered list

  2. Add To-Do - Opens the to-do creation window which can also be found on the calendar and profile pages

  3. List of Filters

    1. Start Date

    2. End Date

    3. Assigned to - Select a specific rep/user

    4. Labels - Choose a label from the existing list

    5. To-Do Status - Completed/Incomplete

    6. Update - Update list based on specified filters

  4. Page Numbers - To-Dos will be limited to 25 per page, use these navigation buttons to save time

  5. Complete Button - Use this to individually complete a to-do

  6. Edit To-Do - Edit information for that specific to-do such as content, due date and assigned to

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