April 7, 2021 - Product Updates

Overview of Features scheduled for deployment on April 7th, 2021

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Email Attachments

UTM Link Tracking

We've added new parameters to our link tracking capabilities. This means that we'll be able to gather more data when students click links in emails you've sent through the EMP.

**If you would like this feature turned on, please contact your Client Success Manager

Filter Import List

  • On the "Imports with Missing Options" page we've added a "Filter List" button. This will allow users to filter imports based on name, and repeating status (enabled, disabled)

Remove "# of guests" field for events if N/A

  • Students will no longer see "# of guests" field when registering for events if either of the follow criteria are met

A) Users set the "Maximum # of Guests" field to "0" when creating an event

B) There are no remaining spots for guests for that particular event date

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