Our Calendly Widget will help make your life easier by simplifying the scheduling process with students.

***Users must have a Calendly Account to use this feature.

To start users should complete two new fields in their profile.

  • Calendly Username

  • Text to display in Calendly button - This text will be displayed in the Rep Widget and the Calendly Assigned Rep widget. Text Examples - Book a time slot, Schedule time now, Pick a time

Next users can add the appropriate widgets while editing Viewbook Templates. There are two different Widgets available.

  • Calendly Assigned Rep - Enables Calendly Block for templates that do not already include a Rep Info Block.

  • Calendly Specific Link (2nd screenshot below) - Displays the Calendly Registration Button in the desired location on the PURL.

Widget Fields

  • Calendly Link - Links to a Calendly User or Event. Obtained via the "Copy Link" Button in Calendly

  • Button Text - Text that will display on the Registration Button

  • Additional Text - Extra text that will appear above the button on the PURL

When students click on the Registration Button a calendar modal will open presenting them with available schedule times.

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