Users can enable and access settings for the feature at the following location

Account/Preferences/Daily Digest Email Settings

  1. Receive Daily Digest Email - Enables/Disables the feature. The feature will be disabled by default for all users.

  2. Hour - Users can choose the hour they would like to receive the digest email. The timezone will always match the schools location. Ex. School's based on the East Coast will use America/New_York or EST

  3. Include Recent To-Do's (Last 24 Hours) - Choose to include or exclude to-do's assigned to the user within the last 24 hours.

  4. Include Overdue To-Do's - Choose to include or exclude to-do's that are past their due date

The Screenshots above show examples of the two sections of the digest emails. One show recently created to-do's, the other showing overdue to-do's.

  • If there is a to-do is related to a specific student, clicking on their name will bring the user to the student record page.

  • Users can click on the "click here" button to view all of their assigned to-dos.

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