Added Cycle Selector to Group Builder and Outreach Campaigns

In an effort to aid Institutions which offer multiple designations for applicants, we've made enhancements to 2 areas of the EMP.

We've added a Cycle Selector as a Designation Filter, on the Group Builder Page. After selecting a cycle, users will have the option to choose anywhere from one to all of the programs within that cycle.

  • To choose all programs, leave the field blank.

  • To choose specific programs, select the desired programs from the drop down.

There are two options in the Program Selection Field on an Outreach Campaign Track.

  • Select all programs within cycles

  • Select individual programs

When choosing the first option, users will need to select specific cycles and can leave the programs field blank.

When choosing the second option, users will need to select specific programs and can leave the cycles field blank.

Bug Fix

  • We have fixed the bug in the importer that was adding local status history changes even when the local status value did not change for a designation.

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