December 2nd Release Notes

Overview of New Features to be deployed on December 2nd, 2020

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New Features Overview

  • Events Dashboard

  • Improved Text Message UI

  • New button/navigation on PURLs for students with hidden designations

Events Dashboard

The Events Dashboard is a new feature that will help clients keep track of event history and obtain helpful data at a glance.

This feature can be accessed via a new page under the Analytics tab on the main nav bar.

The Dashboard will display the following fields

  • Name - Event Name

  • First Date & Last Date - First and Late date of the event in the system.
    โ€‹Ex. If an event runs both days in a given weekend, the dates displayed would be Saturday's and Sunday's respectively.

  • # Dates - The total # of dates the event was held.
    โ€‹Ex. Liaison University creates one event for all sessions of their Spring Open House. The first date is in February and last date is in May. During the course of the semester, Open Houses were held on 25 dates. 25 is the number that will be displayed in this example.

  • Has Timeslots - Does this event have specific timeslots?
    Ex. - Morning & Afternoon sessions, 1PM Webinar & 4PM Webinar

  • # Registrants - # of people that completed registration or signed up for the event

  • # Attended - # of people that actually attended/are attending the event

  • # Guests - # of guests that were or will be in attendance

  • Webinar - Was/is this event a Webinar?

Clicking on the event name will bring you to the Event Registrations screen.

This screen will provide with a breakdown of registrants, guests and attendees by date.

  • Clicking on the date will navigate users to a list of all registrants for the event.

  • Clicking on the show time slots button will breakdown the data even further by time slots. If the event has no slots, and is an all-day affair, users will only see one row titled "All Day Event"

Improved Text Message Interface

We've made a few changes to the UI when editing text messages. These were made with the hope of conveying some pertinent information about texting as well as allowing for more effective text messaging.

New information that's been added includes the following

  • Character limits for a single text message

  • Delivery rates for texts

  • Rate limits

  • MMS Messaging

TL:DR for this information section

  • Text messages should be kept brief and concise.

  • Texts should not be used for immediate messaging. Emails will send quicker and are more effective for time sensitive materials

  • If the content of a text - words, images or otherwise - exceeds 160 characters, schools will be billed for each additional message.

When adding content to the "Text Body" field, users will see an automatically updating character count. As the count increases, so will the estimated number of messages. Reminder, when characters exceed 160, that will mean an additional message. The process continues after exceeding 320 characters, 480 characters etc.

Add images to texts

See the "Image Attachment" field to add images to a text message. Use this to help your texts stand out, or showcase some useful information.

*For optimal performance please limit attachments to jpegs, pngs

Added "Manage/View Applications" button to PURLs for students with hidden designations

For students whose designations are all hidden, a button will be added to PURL that links to available applications.

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