October 21st Release Notes

Overview of Features and Bug Fixes to be deployed on October 21st, 2020

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Provide additional reasons for email opt-outs

In an effort to improve our email deliverability rates, we've added additional options for recipients when choosing to opt-out of email communications. Recipients will be given a choice of the following options OR can write-in their own.

  • I did not request information

  • I am no longer interested in attending

  • I have received too many emails

  • Wrong email address/recipient

Added Search Bar to Email Templates Page

We've added a search bar to the Email Templates Page to streamline the process of selecting and editing templates.

Email Content Spam Scoring

All emails will now automatically checked for "spammy" behavior upon saving the content. The email will be checked against known spam warnings and identifiers used by email providers. If there are words or phrases that raises alarms, users will be notified of the warnings on the email screen.


Users can still choose to send the emails without changing the content, however this may result in poor email performance with more emails getting suppressed by spam filters.

Standard spam tests will still be available if desired.

View Attachments in Email Replies

We have added the functionality to view attachments in email replies. This can be completed from the Email Conversations Screen

Clicking the paper click icon will bring you to that email chain.

On the next screen you will see the attachment(s) on their replies. Clicking on the attachment will begin a download.

Bug Fixes

  • Import file records are now correctly deduplicated with distinct values for unique ID-type usable field.

  • We have fixed the issue that caused some notifications to display the message “Form submission could not be found”

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