Email Analytics - Feature Overview

A comprehensive look at our brand new Email Analytics feature.

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This feature is a helpful tool that will allow users to easily view and analyze email performance metrics. The data is pulled from all emails sent. Better data will help inform better decisions, and hopefully result in more email opens and more students in the pipeline.

Users can access the feature by clicking the Analytics tab and selecting Email Analytics.

Using Email and Date filters

  1. Email Type - Select the type of emails you would like to view statistics for
    - All Email Types - View statistics for emails of any kind
    - Record - Emails sent to a specific student. Ex. An email sent from a student's page.
    - User Notification - Emails sent to EMP Users
    - Password Reset - Emails with password reset information
    - Auto Responder - Emails sent with the auto responder tool. Ex. Confirming receipt of a form

  2. Date Range - Select the time frame of data you'd like to view. Users can choose one of our pre-built options or create a custom range.

Viewing Graphs

  1. A breakdown of all KPI's for the selected criteria

  2. Y-Axis showing the email count

  3. X-Axis showing the date of email sends

  4. Users can mouse over points on the graph to see data specific to that date

  5. Users can click on a specific KPI to select or deselect the data. This will make the data visible or invisible on the graph

  6. Click the Hamburger menu to view print and download options

**Users can click and drag the mouse over a section to zoom into the specified date range**

Breakdown of Graphs

  1. Sending Overview - general high-level view for the selected criteria

  2. Various Running Average Graphs - Running averages are useful with providing context to data trends.
    - Ex. 3 Month Running Average for Opens - Showcases the 3 Month average as of a specific date.

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