Opt (Back) In on form submission

If a student that has previously unsubscribed from emails submits a form with an email address, that student will automatically receive a new email asking them to opt (back) in to receiving communication from the school. Students will not receive further emails until confirmation.

Expanded Date Filters to the Group Builder

We have expanded date driven filters in the group builder to allow for more flexibility. The new fields include

Days ago or earlier

Weeks ago or earlier

Months ago or earlier

Years ago or earlier

Example. Select "Days ago or earlier" and enter a value of 15. Any student that completed the specified interaction 15 days ago OR earlier, will be added to the group.

Manage SFTP Account and RSA Key Pair

A new section has been added to the EMP Settings page, which will allow schools with Liaison Hosted SFTP Servers to perform the following actions.

Generate a pair of OpenSSH-compatible RSA keys. (The public key is automatically stored on the EMP server. The user copies the private key for authenticating with the SFTP client application.)
Import the user's public key into EMP, so that the user may authenticate with his own private key.

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