View Actual Email Content Sent to Student (optional)

**If you would like to opt-in to this feature, please speak with your Customer Success Manager**

Users will now have the ability to view a fully rendered version of a sent outreach email from a Student's Interaction Timeline in addition to the existing link (View Email) which opens the current version of that email item in its campaign.

How to Access:

  1. Select a student's page

  2. View the Timeline section

  3. Select list view

In addition to the standard, "Who else did this?" field, users will find two new fields.

  • View Email has been updated to View email in outreach campaign

  • View content sent to student will open the sent email in a new window

View email in outreach campaign will bring users to the variable email view.

View email sent to student will bring users to a rendered version of the actual email the student received.  

**If you would like to opt-in to this feature, please speak with your Customer Success Manager**


New Spam Trap Suppression

In order to prevent unknowingly emailing to Spam Traps, EMP will mark emails as invalid when their domain matches our list of known suspicious domains.  Spam Trap Domains are parked email domains that are used by blacklists and Internet Service Providers to identify spammers and prevent email deliveries from them in the future. Continual email sends to these domains can damage a sender's reputation, making it more difficult to send emails to quality recipients.

Examples of Spam Trap Domains

Emails that include a suspicious domain will be added to the list of Invalid Emails, which can be viewed in the bottom-left corner of the EMP settings page.

Additionally, an invalid email warning message will appear at the top of the Student Record page.

Improved Email Validation on Inquiry Forms 

In order to prevent prospective students from submitting invalid emails including suspicious domains, we've updated logic on inquiry forms.  

In the example above, the email address contains the suspicious domain of "".  When attempting to submit this form, the error message at the top of the screen was displayed, preventing the student from submitting an undeliverable address.

Improved Email Validation on Manual Student Entry

Additionally, in order to prevent EMP users from accidentally submitting invalid emails, EMP will surface a warning that the email address entered is not supported:

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