January 15th Release Notes

New features and bug fixes being deployed on January 15th, 2020.

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This release includes some routine database maintenance and the activation of the Automatic Group Expirations feature (from the December 4th Release):

Automatic Group Expiration  **ATTENTION - Action Required**

Groups are a core function within EMP that provide myriad value to Users of all types and functions. Over time, most accounts see their list of Groups expand significantly, resulting in experiences such as navigating excessively large selection lists when attaching a group to an email, export, etc. Upon further investigation, a high percentage of existing groups appear to have been created as one-off queries which are no longer used or desired. 

To prevent these temporary use groups from indefinitely cluttering the account, we will be enacting an Automatic Group Expiration policy that permanently removes unused groups which meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • The group is not "In Use By" any other system feature (Exports, Emails, Viewbook pages, etc.); AND

  • The group settings have not been saved (updated) in the past 60 days; AND

  • The group has not been "Favorited";

This last item is a new feature added to the Groups list page that allows any User to "Favorite" a group by clicking the star action icon. That group will be retained in the account indefinitely while favorited, regardless of whether it is in use or how often it is updated.

ACTION REQUIRED: Automatic Group Expiration will begin on January 15th. Beforehand, please make sure that you review the Groups on your account that you would like retained to be sure they are "Favorited." From January 15th on, groups meeting the Expiration criteria will be removed on a daily basis.

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