November 20th Release Notes

New features and bug fixes being deployed on November 20th.

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Expanded Spam Test Address Pool

The list of emails that spam / delivery tests are sent to has been expanded to include 72 seed email addresses (from 29 emails). Additionally, since Gmail heavily weighs personal activity in its delivery algorithm, these new addresses include two pools of Gmail addresses to mirror the deliverability to Inquiries & above ("Interactive" - inboxes that open all emails sent to them) and to Prospects ("Non-interactive" - inboxes that don't engage with any received content). 

Enhanced Answering Machine Detection for Voice Blasts

We have updated our voice blast system to utilize an updated algorithm, trained on real-world call samples, that isolates human speech audio and measures periods of speech and silence in the greeting to determine if the answering party appears to be a machine. If a machine is detected, the Voice Blast message will be held until the end of the recorded greeting (e.g. a beep), but if a machine isn't detected, the Voice Blast will be delivered as usual.

Improved HTML source code editor

Based on feedback and performance, several improvements have been made to the HTML source code window to increase its load speed, enhance readability/workspace, and retain preferences.

Bug fixes

  • On the user preferences profile page, validation was added to require values for First Name and Last Name.

  • Execution of the calendar filters was updated to fix an issue where calendar filters were occasionally not completing when toggling to the "List View".

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