October 23rd Release Notes

New features and bug fixes being deployed on October 23rd.

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Bug fix

  • On Application Form builder, a Designation field that has been added to two or more programs will remain added to those programs after page is saved and refreshed.

Bug Fix

  • Fixed an issue in Field Categories where the "Reorder Status" message persisted on the screen after moving fields downward (Firefox only).

Updated password reset email content & headers (released early on 10/23 from 11/6 due to significance)
After receiving reports of record password reset emails not being received, the following optimizations have been made to after running numerous of deliverability tests:

  • Removed the PURL link button from email body

  • Added client email and phone number (when available)

  • Removed student name from subject line

  • Changed FROM address to "no-reply@goapp.ly" (or "no-reply@{{school}}.edu" for clients with distinct email endpoint)

  • Change REPLY-TO address to client email

New Template:

Previous Template:

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