Add Registered Events To Personal Calendars (delayed from 9/11 Release)

  • To increase the efficacy of Event Reminders and Attendance, students will see a 'Download to your calendar' button after registering for an event, which allows the student to import the event to his/her calendar of choice. This will be available retroactively for any event the student has previously registered for, from the My Events listing page on the PURL. 

  • The 'Download...' button will retrieve an .iCal file that is universally accepted by all leading calendars, including Google, Apple Mail, and Outlook.

  • Planned future work includes adding direct integration links for Google Calendar and Calendars to the PURL and the ability to include the 'Add to my calendar' link options in Event Reminder emails.

Bug Fix
Fixed an issue where users were unable to remove, in an individual email, an image from the email template without replacing the image with another. Now users can override a template by removing the image, instead of having to replace it.

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