August 14th 2019 Release Notes

New features and bug fixes being deployed on August 14th.

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GoToWebinar Variable URL in Event Reminders

  • The {{Webinar URL}} variable containing the individual's URL to join the GoToWebinar may now be sent in Event Reminder emails & texts so students can click directly in the reminder into the online event and not need to login separately, ensuring they will be identified as having attended the webinar in EMP.

Add universal web fonts for PURL customization

  • Instead of the “Helvetica Neue” default font on the MyViewbook pages today, each account can define a default web font for use across all PURL/Inquiry Form pages/content in order to best match preferred aesthetics. Custom fonts are planned to be available in Emails in a future release.

  • Please contact your CSM for more details, as they will assist in loading these fonts and reviewing any font-licensing details, if applicable.

Bug Fix

  • Fixed some miscellaneous visualizations of data in the Analytics, Student Statistics, Demographics, and Age Breakdown report page.

Bug Fix

  • Fixed custom form notification preferences check boxes from being displayed incorrectly.

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