Simple markup tips for writing text-to-speech:

  • When saying numbers, '12345' will be spoken as "twelve thousand three hundred forty five." Whereas '1 2 3 4 5' will be spoken as "one two three four five."

  • Punctuation such as commas and periods will be interpreted as natural pauses by the speech engine.

  • Combine punctuation, for example periods, to create longer pauses.

Advanced Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML):

SSML Usage:

<{{SSML Tag}} {{attribute}}="{{value}}">Your text</{{SSML Tag}}>

SSML Example:

Hello {{First Name}},

<prosody rate="x-fast">This is just a</prosody> reminder that our
<emphasis level="moderate">Open House</emphasis> is this
<emphasis level="strong">Saturday</emphasis>

<break time="0.5s"></break>

<prosody volume="+5dB" rate="80%" pitch="-15%">Hope to see you there</prosody>

<break strength="x-strong"></break>

<prosody rate="fast" pitch="high">Have a nice day</prosody>
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