Emails & Phone Number Status Indicators inside Deduplication modal

When comparing two records in the Duplicate Resolution modal, users will be able to select the best email or phone number to retain depending on their opt-in state. Each opted-out email address & phone number will be highlighted in red, and opted-in phone numbers will be highlighted in blue.

Updated Source/HTML Code Editor

When source code editing in EMP, such as in Viewbook Text Widgets, Email Text blocks, and HTML Emails, users will now see the source code displayed in colored-coded themes for increased readability and editing. Users can toggle between a light or dark theme, and will have their latest selection used by default in future code views.

Sort Student Search Results by Column

On the Student Search results page, users may now sort the results, either by defining the sort preference in the Advanced Search menu or by clicking on a column header. The available columns are: 

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email

  • Location

  • Stage

  • Entry Year

Bug Fix

Fixed issue where deleting a custom stage caused a landing page to become an alternate for a non-landing page:

  • Landing pages for the old/deleted stage will now be deleted instead of changed to new stage

  • Also added a restriction on which stages user can choose as the "New Stage" when deleting a stage (can go down to the previous default stage inclusive and up to the next default stage exclusive)

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