Rep Widget Hidden for Mobile Devices

When the Event or Application PURL pages are viewed with a Mobile devices, the Rep information widget will always be hidden to remove it from appearing at the top of their screen.

Upon registering for a GoToWebinar event, the form's success message will include the direct "Join Link" so students can access the webinar directly from their PURL and without any delay, for those registering right before the webinar.

Email recipient's full name will be shown after "To: " in email header

To assist with sustained email deliverability rates, all email routed through EMP will now include the recipient's full name (First Name & Last Name), followed by email address,  in the email header.


Enhancements to voice messaging

The following enhancements have been made to voice messages (whether sent via outreach, student record, or auto-responder): 

  • Added Amazon Polly voices

  • Enabled SSML support for text-to-speech messages

  • Added link on voice message builder page that contains helpful instructions on how to use SSML

Expanded Report PDF Configuration

To grant more flexibility, like avoiding columns being cut off in certain reports, we now allow users to select page size and orientation for report PDFs.

Bug Fix

Fixed group “in use” count for groups that are only applied to external links in the MyViewbook. The external link will now be displayed as an “in use” item.

Bug Fix

Fixed the Event View/Edit screen where “Max # of students” was not shown when the “Attendance Limit” was equal to the “Total attendees”. Only “Max # of attendees” should be displayed when “Attendance Limit” is equal to “Total attendees”.

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