Add an "In Use By" column to Viewbook Template list

  • A new column in the Viewbook template list now shows the number of Viewbook pages that use each template. Upon clicking the number, a linked list of those pages is displayed.

Add links for "In Use By" pages on Viewbook Template build page

  • In the Viewbook Template Builder page, the list of "In Use By" Viewbook page names at the top of the page have been enhanced to include direct links to each for quicker reference.

Student Record Timeline View Remembered

  • Users will now see the Timeline view on Student Record pages remember their latest configuration when viewing new records. For instance, if a user looked at the List View with an interaction filter of "Entry Year & Stage Changes" on one student, the next record they view will have the same view configured, rather than the prior state of always loading the Interaction Timeline chart for every Student Record page. 

Email Deliverability Maintenance - Link Change

  • In response to some new blacklist techniques (e.g. SURBL), we have decentralized the Email Archive and Opt Out links in all emails. In the past, both links used the same core domains across all EMP clients, but have now been migrated to use each clients' Web Campaign URL (or PURL domain). This change has no impact on the email view or functionality to students, it is only a technical change to standardize the linked domains present in emails.

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