May 22nd 2019 Release Notes

New features and bug fixes being deployed on May 22nd.

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Variable 'From' label & 'Reply To' emails

On outreach and auto-responder emails, the From Label and Reply To fields (i.e. email settings) may be customized:

  • For the "From" label, the user may add variables for "Rep First Name" and "Rep Last Name" via a variable picker

  • For the "Reply To" field, the user may now choose to have replies routed to the student's rep in addition to the current options (back to EMP, or to a fixed email address).

  • By default, outreach emails will inherit required email settings specified on the Track level, unless overwritten on the email-level settings.

Bug fix

  • On the Student Listing page, the Stage field will no longer show if User does not have access, preventing them from including it in a Group Export. This will prevent the perceived "bug" of a Group Export download failing for non-permissioned users by aligning the data permissions between the Student Listing page and Export Download.

Bug Fix

  • The Imports listing page no longer fails to load if an import has a source which has been hidden.

Bug fix

  • "Sync Webinar" now marks the full GoToWebinar attendee list as having attended, instead of the previous limit of 20.

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