Export a Group Listing as a CSV File
A new button on the Groups listing page generates a .csv file of the Groups list

  • The .csv file is formatted with the same columns as the Groups listing page

  • The current date is appended to the filename (e.g. Group_Name_########)

Add "FROM" Options to Email Auto Responders
The “From Label” and “Reply To” labels for email auto responders can now be customized. 

View the Original Form Submission Data
The original data that was entered at the time of a student's form submission can now be viewed and downloaded from the student record Information/Forms section. 

Required Privacy Policy in Web Campaign settings
As part of our compliance with GDPR laws, the Privacy Policy field is now a required field for the Footer Settings in Web Campaigns

Bug fix
When a custom stage that is being used as a Group filter is deleted, the Group filter value will be reassigned to the stage that the students with the deleted stage were moved to.

Compatibility Update:
We will no longer be supporting IE9 and below.

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