UPDATE: The 1/16 release has been delayed. We are working to have the update out by Wednesday, January 23. Thank you for your patience.

Email Template Customization
Text and image content may now be added and saved to new or existing email templates.

  • Emails can use the text and image content in a saved template

Print Piece Approvals
Print piece templates can now be configured to require client approval before printing and mailing. *Please contact your CSM for more information.

Imports Page Enhancements
Updates to the Imports listing page allow for easier visibility and organization:

  • Repeating imports are now grouped together 

  • A 'Last Run' column has been added.

Authorize.net API upgrade
We've upgraded to Authorize.net's latest API. 

  • NOTE: You must update your settings and switch to the new Authorize.net payment gateway before 1/23/2019.  *Please contact your CSM for more information.

Email tracking domain changed to avoid SMTP 550 error  
In outreach email links (e.g. URLs, unsubscribe, and opening in browser), the domain has been changed to tracking-dev.eduyield.com to now avoid spam filters. 

Disabled Javascript fix
Opening an application form in a javascript-disabled browser now displays a message recommending re-enabling javascript.

Bug fix
Fixed a PHP error that was appearing at top of Social Network Event Details page.

Bug fix
Fixed a bug that was allowing the creation of Blast and Event campaigns restricted to certain entry years.

Bug fix
Fixed a bug that was preventing the deletion of old import asset mappings.

Bug fix
Fixed a bug that was causing Event campaign tracks to be created with no stages if the event had no stage restrictions.

Bug fix
Fixed a bug that resulted in missing student CEEB codes on forms submitted via API.

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