Folders for Exports

A new folder UI for exports allows you to:

  • Show and hide folders

  • Create, rename and delete folders

  • Move a export or exports to a folder

  • Search by name within a folder and all folders

Notifications for event unregistrations

EMP and email notifications can now be sent to you when a student unregisters for an event.

  1. In Preferences > Notification Settings, enable the new 'Event Unregistration' notification

Note: The 'Event Signup' notification has been changed to read 'Event Registration'

Notifications for missing files on recurring FTP imports

EMP will now notify you when there is missing file on the FTP for a recurring import.

  1. When building an Import, a checkbox is now available to enable notifications for recurring FTP imports

  2. In Preferences > Notification Settings, 'Missing file failures' must be selected to enable the notifications

Creation date added to the deduplication page

When resolving duplicate records, the Date Created is now displayed for reference under the name of each student record to be merged.

Disabled base tracks warning when creating a custom date track in event campaigns

  • When adding a 5th track to an event campaign,  a warning message now confirms that all the base tracks for the specified date will be disabled.

  • After a custom date track is added, a warning icon will now appear next to the title indicating that all base tracks for the specified date have been disabled.

Bug fix

The error message that appears after a form has been submitted without required fields will now display which fields were missing. This applies to all student facing forms.

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