October 10th 2018 Release Notes

New features and bug fixes being deployed on October 10.

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Showing goals over 100% completion
Goals over 100% are now displayed as text at the top of the Goals bar chart. Additionally, values over 100% can be seen when hovering over the chart.

  • NOTE: The chart will still visually max out at 100%

Customized From, Reply To, and Opt Out settings per email item
Custom values for the From Label, Reply To, and Opt Out fields may now be specified for each tier-level outreach email item. These can be set in the Edit Details modal.

  • NOTE: These tier-level email settings will override any track-level settings

Campaign End Dates
An end date can now be specified for any nurture, blast, and event campaign. This can be set in the Save Campaign modal.

  • For new campaigns, the end date will default to 18 months

  • For existing campaigns, the end date is turned off by default

  • The chosen end date will appear next to the campaign name on the campaign page and track page. If date has passed, it will display in red

  • NOTE: The end date is the last day that the campaign's outreach items will send.

Variables in tracking codes
EMP variables may now be used in tracking codes embedded in SEM forms and PURL pages.

Bug Fix  
For import option matching, blank file values on the date formatting page has been fixed.

Bug Fix
Fixed timezone issues with the data on User Statistics page.

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