Folder system for groups

A new folder UI for groups allows users to:

  • Show and hide folders

  • Create, rename and delete folders

  • Move a group or groups to a folder

  • Search by name within a folder and all folders

Showing the folder system:

To show the folder system, click the Show Folders button at the top of the Groups page:

Creating folders:

Folders can be created by clicking the New Folder button at the bottom of the folder pane:

Renaming and deleting folders:

To rename or delete folders, click the ... button next to the folder name:

Moving groups into folders:

Select groups using the checkboxes, then click the Move to Folder button:

Deselecting groups:
If you need to deselect all of your groups, you can deselect them all at once by clicking the x button:

Search within folders:
Limit your searches to be within folders by checking off the 'Search within folders' button in the filter area:

Traditional all groups view:
To hide the folder system and go back to the traditional view, click the Show All Groups button at the top:

*Note: executing a Global search will also switch the page to the traditional view

Bug Fix

Fixed issue with the Group Action todos not correctly saving the due date.

Bug Fix

Fixed the issue that was causing the text '[object HTMLDivElement]' to be saved in emails after canceling an edit of a content area.

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