Exporting Campaign data as CSV

Users may now export statistics for outreach campaigns to a CSV file. Three levels of granularity for the file may be chosen:

  • All Campaigns

  • Single Campaign (Nurture, Blast, Event or Archived)

  • Track

Email Spam Testing

Added spam test functionality to the outreach email builder

  • Choose “Run the spam test” when testing a campaign email

  • When a spam test is complete the user receives a notification and an email that both link to the Email Spam Report

  • The Email Spam report details how spammy your email is when viewed by various email providers

  • Usage and billing, emails, displays the number of spam tests run per client

*Please contact your CSM for more information

GDPR notice

The GDPR notice verifies the student understands how his/her data is being used, certifies the student is over 16, and the student accepts the school's privacy policy.

  • The GDPR notice will display before going to a inquiry forms, PURLs, microsite pages, SEM forms, Application/secure pages, PSNs whatever the first page visit is.

  • In Client configuration, the GDPR notice can be set to display for only European Union Students or All students.

Faster student selector

Student search speed has been improved in the following modals:

  • The Test Email and Test All Outeach modals for outreach testing

  • The Register modal for event registration

Bug Fix

On PDF of submitted forms, long field names or values will be wrapped instead of cut off.

Bug Fix

Fixed Viewbook bug whereby Instagram widget was too wide for narrow side columns.

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