Scheduling group actions
Added a new "Group Actions" page to the Students tab with functionality for scheduling group actions

  • Scheduling options: Immediate, One time, Weekly and Daily

  • Group actions: To-dos, Notes, Touch-points, New source, Field values, Opt-out, Representatives, Deactivate and Delete

  • Filtering by Name and Status (Active/Achived)

  • History log for each Group Action

Custom alt text for images
Added the ability to customize the alt text for all Web Campaign static images and asset images

Group Builder Fixes

  • In Basic filtering view, the Interaction field for an event interaction type is now required

  • In Advanced filtering view, the Event field in the Event Filter is no longer be required

  • In Advanced filtering view, the Imports file search will now find file names with underscores

Calendar Fixes

  • Nurture campaign items are no longer displayed when only event and blast outreach filters are applied

  • Blast campaign items scheduled for the 31st day of the month are now displayed

Session Fix
EMP session expiration time is now based on recent activity.

Bug Fix
In EMP Settings/Core System Values, archiving the entry year now turns the 'Off' button red and the 'On' button white.

Bug Fix
On the Funnel Charts listing page, copy & delete functionality now works correctly after clicking the next/previous page button.

Bug Fix
Fixes incorrect calculations on User Statistics page when start and end dates are the same.

Bug Fix
Fixes an issue where a source on an inquiry/SEM form submitted via API was not being added to existing records.

Bug Fix
Removes the requirement of having the application feature enabled to allow editing of the "Bad Email Message on Secure Page Login" alert message.

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