User Statistics page upgrade
New and improved filters at top of page:

  • Include deactivated users, date range and select multiple reps

  • Option to toggle charts between tabular and graph view

  • All filters are remembered between sessions

New and improved charts and tables:

  • User Activity - displays 5 user benchmarks for each user: Logins, Emails Sent, Touch-points Created, Notes Created and Records Updated

  • Touch-points - displays what touch-points each user is giving students and how many of each touch-point

  • To-dos - displays the number of To-dos Assigned, Completed, Past-due, and the Completion percentage for each user

  • Number of Students Assigned - displays how many students are assigned to each user and what stage they are in. This chart/table also includes an entry year selector.

URL Reports improved display of URLs
For “PURL Page Hits by PURL Pages” and “PURL Link Clicks by Destination” reports, long URLs now display the start and end portions of the URL for improved visibility. The full URL is also displayed on hovered.

Bug Fix
All forms section headers are now displayed on the student record. The problem preventing the "View Form Submission" button from displaying is also fixed.

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