Display user who added new touch-points
Recent Interactions on Dashboard and Timeline List view in student record will now display users who created touch-points.

All student source information can now be exported
New option added to the exports builder for exporting sources. The option is available under the 'Additional Data' section and will create a separate .csv file. Fields in the source file include:

  • Spectrum ID

  • Student name

  • Source name

  • Source type

  • Original Source (yes/no)

  • Date source was added

Added confirmation popup when turning on emails
Before a campaign email can be sent out, the user must now confirm the filtering criteria used.

Display processing of toggled campaign item status
A visual spinner now indicates the processing of a campaign track item when the status is turned on/off.

Bug Fix
In the student information section, asset fields now display the options in the same order as they are defined on the Asset Manager page.

Bug Fix
An error message will now be displayed when a user attempts to create a duplicate designation field.

Bug Fix
Deleted/removed pages are now removed from the user history panel of all users.

Bug Fix
In the student's email reply chain, an original nurture campaign email will always show the time and date it was sent.

Bug Fix
The form validation has been fixed and invalid fields will be correctly highlighted.

Bug Fix
SEM forms with 'Refresh page' setting enabled are now correctly refreshed when submitted by existing students, instead of redirecting to PURL.

Bug Fix
Students can register for an event when no more guest slots available.

Bug Fix
When copying a second campaign track the default value in modal's 'Copy Track to' dropdown will be reset to 'This Campaign'.

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