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How do I show different forms to specific groups or stages?
How do I show different forms to specific groups or stages?
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If you would like to display different forms to different student populations – either separated out by groups or by stages – you can easily do so by using the Viewbook Builder.

While Forms themselves are not variably controlled by groups or stages, the pages on which they are displayed are. The best way to display different iterations of forms is to duplicate the subpage that they will be featured on and use the Navigation area of the Viewbook Builder to assign a group or a stage to each version of the page.

1. Click Content and then Viewbook

2. On the Viewbook builder select the pencil icon on subpage that you want to assign a group to.

3. From there, scroll through and choose the group you wish to assign and click Save.

Note that duplicate pages need to be mutually exclusive in their group design, because if the groups intersect for any records, those records will see both pages. A good way to check to see if intersection is occurring is to observe the number of records in the constituent groups and add them. They should amount to exactly the complete number of records in your system (provided that the page is intended to be shown to all records in one form or the other).

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