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What happens when a student opts out of emails?
What happens when a student opts out of emails?
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When a student opts out of an email, they are only opting out of email communication. Although an opt-out will no longer receive emails from you, they will continue to receive print pieces unless you decide to permanently delete or deactivate that student’s record.
Depending on the opt out reason, you can decide whether to reach out to a student via phone (if you have the wrong email address for the student) and discuss his/her cause of disinterest. You can then either deactivate the student, delete the student, or move them into the withdrawn stage.

To learn how to deactivate or delete a student, please click here: “”
To learn how to change a student’s stage, please click here: https://“”

To view your list of opt outs:

1. Click Account on the EMP toolbar at the top of your EMP homepage

2. Click EMP Settings in the dropdown menu.

3. At the bottom of the left-side menu, links for Email Opt-outs and Invalid Emails can be found under Related Links.

4. Click Email Opt-outs.

5. On this page, you can review your opt-outs and the reason given (optional). Usually a student types in a reason why they want to opt out, or don’t (which leaves the opt out reason blank), or the last reason would be is that they mark the email as spam.

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