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Triggered To-Do’s – Common Uses
Triggered To-Do’s – Common Uses
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Triggered To-do’s are a great way to not only get your counselors interacting with students in EMP, but also get coaches, faculty and student workers in the system following up with records.

To use this feature go to: Account: EMP Settings and click on Triggered To-Do’s.

You are able to build triggered to-do’s based on:

  1. When a student submits the inquiry form (note if you import/manually enter students in EMP this would not trigger the to do: students have to physically submit the form fill)

  2. When a student submits the online application form (for clients who have the online application as part of their EMPprogram.)

  3. When a stage change occurs (Prospect becomes an inquiry, inquiry becomes an applicant), this can happen on inquiry or applicant form submission, from a list import (updating a students stage), or by manually changing a stage on the student record view page

  4. When a student registers for an event, or an event registration is made for a student in EMP

Using the above criteria, you can also (not necessary), place groups as part of the triggered to do’s you are creating. So, using the first example, you could create a group where the sport equals football and add it to any one of the 4 options above. So, using number 1 as an example a triggered to do would only be created for a student who submits the form fill and is part of the group (they selected football).

You can then select to assign the to-do to the rep for that student, or a specific user in EMP, or both. You can select how many days after the student fits the criterion above that the to do for follow up should be completed as well as the description associated with that triggered to-do (i.e. This student is interested in football: reach out to them).

Here are a few basic examples of how you can use to-do’s effectively:

For Counselors:

-Create a simple to do for any student who becomes an inquiry. Or, apply a group of students with 100 points or more with a specific entry year and only have your counselors follow up with certain inquiries with 100+ points.

-Create a to do to follow up with students who apply (submit the online application and/or become a stage of applicant) about next steps towards completing their application and any missing items. You can create a series of to do’s for this stage to keep these students engaged with your institution and making sure they have all of their materials in to you.

-Create a to do to follow up with accepted students, congratulating them and passing along a few deadlines. You can create a series of to do’s for this stage to keep these students engaged with your institution and making sure they have all of their materials in to you.

For Coaches/Faculty:

-Create a group of students interested in a particular sport or major. Using the “Interaction Type” of stage change create a to-do for following up when a student becomes an inquiry (applicant/accepted etc)

For Student Workers:

-Create a group of students who are inquiries (or higher), with no email address and a phone number, and have the to assigned to an individual (or general) student worker who can follow up to get missing pieces of information from students: as students are added into the system with the missing information, they will become part of that group and a to do will be assigned for follow up.

Of course, using groups and the interaction filters above, you can create as many triggered to-do’s for staff members as you would like, and you can be very creative! Just keep in mind that these to do’s are not retroactive, so the sooner you get them set-up, the sooner you can start managing how your staff is interacting with students and when!

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