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Repeating Events
Repeating Events
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If you’d like to feature repeating events, like daily visit sessions or weekly info sessions, this can be set up automatically in EMP.

1. To begin with, click on Calendar on the EMP toolbar to open up the Calendar view as if you were scheduling any other event. Once viewing your Calendar:


2. Click on a date in which you would like to have your repeating event featured (you can set the start date and end date range later) click Actions and then Edit Event. This will open up the Edit Event screen, where you can build out your event description and details as you typically would (see help topic: How do I create/edit event?)

3. Once your initial details and questions are designated, scroll down to the Dates and Times area to designate how you would like your event to repeat:

4. To further refine these dates and add in specific sessions (as many per day as your schedule allows), scroll down to theTime of Event section and use the drop downs to Specify Time Slots:

5. The event is now set up to repeat for a range of dates, on selected days, in designated time slots with a cap on attendance per your discretion. Before you publish the event, though, review the Calendar to see if there are any dates that need to be excluded from this repeating paradigm. EMP won’t automatically remove dates on college or national holidays when you wouldn’t be running personal visits, for example, so you’ll want to make sure that you program exclusions for those dates. You can do that easily with the Schedule Exceptions feature:

With your exceptions scheduled, you can now put the event dates live for student registration. Students will see the blanket description of the event and will be provided with a calendar displaying available dates.

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