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EMP Email Reply Management
EMP Email Reply Management
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Email Reply Management in EMP

What is Email Reply Managment?

This feature allows EMP users to track and log inbound emails from prospective students. If enabled, emails from students responding to either personal or automated campaign emails will automatically be tracked and logged with the student's communication history. Users can view this history at any time, in addition to being able to take follow-up actions.

How do I use it?

Step 1: Send an email to a student with the 'Use EMP to manage replies' setting enabled. This option can be set on both single emails and campaign-based emails.

Note: It is possible to not use this feature for some emails- it's configurable on a per-email basis.

Step 2: Have a student reply back to the email you sent. The student can reply from any email client: Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and others.

Step 3: When a student replies, you can view the email chain by going to the student's communication panel and clicking the blue highlighted number. This number indicates the length of the conversation. You can additionally receive notifications when a student replies to an email chain upon customizing your notification settings accordingly.

Step 4: After viewing an email conversation, you can send a reply. Note that the entire email chain will only be attached to the bottom of the email if you use the default response template. Changing templates will drop the conversation chain from the email.

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