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Registering a single student for an event
Registering a single student for an event
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To register a student for an event, first search for them using the “search for students” feature in EMP and see if they are already in the database.

1. If the student is already in EMP, click on their record which will take you to the student view page. If the student is not in EMP, click on the “Student’s” drop down menu in the EMP toolbar, followed by “Add Student”. You can then select which Stage the student needs to be assigned to (prospect, inquiry) and all of the student details which are required of those stages (and rep assignments). Once the student has been added, follow the instructions below regarding registering the student for a particular event.

2. Once on the student record page click on “Registered Events”, followed by the blue button “Register Student”.

3. You will then be able to select which event to register the student for. It is possible to register students for events that have already passed and you know the student attended.

4. Once an event is selected, it will bring you to the event details screen. From here, there will be several sections and options:

Event date and details: This section contains the date and time session that you would like to register the student for. Also included are any of the questions that are a part of the event registration. These fields

Event registration limits: After selecting a date and time for the registrations, the EMP will display the current number of students and guests registered for that specific day or time slot. By default, you cannot signup students for students that have met or exceeded registration capacity. However, if you wish to bypass this restriction you can enable the "Bypass Event Limits" option. This option is enabled by default when editing existing event registrations.

Event Payments: If payments are enabled for an event registration, then payment details are asked for. Note that they are not required to be filled in, and assume that payment has been either waived or collected outside of the EMP. Payment transactions manually recorded will still show up in the 'Payment Transactions' lists.

Event Auto Responders: To send out Auto Responders attached to the event the student is being registered for immediately after registration, choose the 'Send any Auto Responders associated with this event to the student' option. By default, no Auto Responders go out to students who are manually registered. This does not affect any scheduled Outreach Campaign items.

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