Filters vs. Groups
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1. Choose “Students” from the Main EMP Menu.

2. Then click “Students” from the Students Menu to see all Students in your Database.

3. Click “Filter” button in the upper right corner to display the Filter Tool along the top of the page. Specify “Representative”, “Entry Year”, “Stage”, and/or “Major”.

4. Click the “Quick Filter” for a list that matches your Filter settings.

  • The Student Filter is available to narrow the full list of Students in the Database. However a Filtered List differs greatly from a Group.

  • A Filtered list is limited to the specific attributes in the Tool. A Filtered list is Temporary and can not be saved.

  • Groups can be defined by several attributes, interactions and time frames.

  • Groups can be associated with communication tracks and email blasts.

  • Groups parameters are constant, and when students meet the criteria the become members of the group automatically.

  • Basic Users have access to the Filter Tool but not the Group Builder.

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