What are Groups?
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Groups allow for customized content to be sent only to students for whom it is relevant. These groups can be created based on any information gathered by the inquiry form or included in the group list. They can be general like “2016 Inquiries” or they can be very specific based on information gathered like major, gender, clubs, pets or anything else from the data requested on the inquiry form. This allows EMP to reach the right students with automated, customized information.

If you would like to filter the group further in an email campaign, to get even more specific with the students it is is targeting, you can add an additional group to an individual email within the campaign. Once the email is created click “Edit Details” to add another group. This email will only be sent to students who match the criteria of both groups. It is not a way to add an additional group that is not receiving the rest of the email campaign, but rather to filter it.

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