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PURL Viewbook Assets – Configure YouTube/Vimeo
PURL Viewbook Assets – Configure YouTube/Vimeo
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Part One: Assign the video file to the Assets

1. Select Content and then Assets.

2. Open the Asset page on which you wish to add video. Open EMP Tool for the Asset Type which includes the chosen Asset.

3. Scroll beneath the Photos section to the Videos section and enter the video URL. (Most often under Primary.)

4. Click “Save” to confirm assignment of that file as the (Primary or Secondary) video for that Asset.

Part Two: Confirm Template for the Asset Type indicates the same “position” (Primary or Secondary) you chose on the Asset page.

1. Click “Content” in the EMP toolbar.

2. Click “Viewbook” in the right side navigation

3. Under “Your Pages” pick the Page that displays the Asset Type to which the Asset belongs. Click “Manage”.

4. The “Asset Video” tool controls which video position, (Primary or Secondary) this Template will “call upon” for any asset. If the position in the Template is not configured, or does not match the position indicated for the Asset. the video will not display.

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