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PURL Viewbook – Create Exclusive Pages for Group of Students
PURL Viewbook – Create Exclusive Pages for Group of Students
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Adding a content page to a student’s PURL page that is only active for students qualifying to see that page is easy and useful by using groups. For instance, an ‘Apply Now’ page can be active for inquires, and then made immediately deactivated once they become and Applicant. This increases the responsively and relevancy of their PURL page.

(Note: if you need to review how to build a filter group, check out the How to View, Build, and Edit Groups question in the Student’s topic on the EMP Help page)

1. On your EMP homepage, click Content from the EMP toolbar at the top of the page

2. On the Content page menu to the left, click Viewbook. This brings you to your Viewbook Builder where you can add and edit content pages.

3. Click the + (plus sign) button to the right of the Your Pages section to add a new page.

4. Name the page, select a template, and populate the page with your desired information. You can also do this at a later time.

5. You will now see the page you named saved in both the Your Pages and Navigation sections.

6. In the page listing you just created in the Navigation section, click the edit page pencil icon to open the Edit Navigation Link pop-up.

7. From the Group field, select a group to which the page should be shown.

8. This content page will now only appear in the Navigation menu on a student’s PURL page if they are a member of the group you have chosen. Any student not in the group will not see the page in their Navigation menu or any of its content on their PURL.

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