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How do I update videos on the PURL home page?
How do I update videos on the PURL home page?
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If you notice a video isn’t loading properly in the PURL, it may because it was deleted from the hosting site (either from YouTube or Vimeo). Find another video you would like to play instead, and grab the URL of that video.

1. To edit a video on the Home Page for instance, go into Content and click Viewbook.

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2. Under Your Pages, click Manage on the page where the video is located. If it’s the Home Page, click on the desired stage level. If it’s a page that any level can see, simply clicking Manage will do.

3. You will then see a box called Static Video. Hover over it and you will see a pencil icon. Click on that and a text field will appear. Delete the old URL and place the URL of the new video you would like to display. Click Save. Load the page to make the sure video is playing.

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