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How do I create a form using the Form Builder and add it to the PURL?
How do I create a form using the Form Builder and add it to the PURL?
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The Form Builder allows you to build more forms to place throughout the PURL.

1. Go to Content and then Forms. You will see a list of the forms already created, including the standard Inquiry Form-fill and Application Form-fill. To edit the existing ones, simply click the pencil icon and edit as you normally would.

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To create a new form, say to have a student opt-in for texting or any other specific form including housing, athletic questionnaire, scholarship, or registrations, click New Form on the top right.

You fill out the Form Settings:

  • Form Name: The name of your form. This will only be displayed in EMP, not on the form.

  • Header Text: The header above your form.

  • Sub-header text: Some description text under the header.

  • Success Message: The message the student will see after they submit the form.

  • Allow Resubmission: Check the box if you want the student to be able to resubmit the form multiple times. If left unchecked, they will just see the success message if they try to access the form again.

  • Submission Rating: The points added to their record after they submit the form.

  • Auto Responder: The Auto Responder message that you would like to be sent instantly to any record upon successful completion of the form (learn how to create custom Auto Responder messages with this help topic:

Then hit Save. Now let’s make this form a texting opt-in that we’ll place in a “Receive Text Messages” page in a PURL. On the same page to the top right, click New Section. It will then ask for a Section Title; in this instance I will label it “Phone Information.” A new section will appear under the Form Settings. Click Add New Field and select the fields you would like to add. For this example, I’ll add First Name, Last Name, Primary Phone Number. First Name and Last Name default to required; click Primary Phone Number to be required and check off Request Text Opt-in. Then click Save.

Click Back to Form List and you will see your Texting form.

  1. Now let’s add it to a page on a PURL.
    First you’ll have to have a template that includes Form as one of the widgets.

Go to Account and Campaign Templates. You can create a new template. When you add a widget, you will see Form as an option. Add the Form widget to the panel you would like and select the Texting Form. Add any other widgets you want displayed on the “Receive Text Messages” page.

Once you save your new template, go into Content and Viewbook. Click the “+” button next to Your Pages. Label the page “Receive Text Messages” or what you want to call the page, and select the template you just created.

Click Manage button next to the “Receive Text Messages” page and in the Form widget, click the pencil icon, and you’ll see a drop down menu where you can select what form you want to show. Click Save and Back to Viewbook. You should see the “Texting Form” page in your Navigation panel on the left. You can then edit the group you want to be able to see the form.

Note: Using “Add Pages” you can also create pages that are dedicated to the forms you create. So, you could have a Housing Form Page, an Application Materials Form Page, an Athletic Questionnaire form page…if you can think of a form, you can create one! You can also create groups of students to show these pages to, so for forms that you can only submit once, you could apply a group to the page to make sure it shows to students who haven’t submitted it yet.

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