A classic feature of our online application—student-side upload—can be easily introduced to other types of forms to be displayed across their microsite.

To enable student-side file upload on a custom form:

1. In the Content dropdown menu of the EMP Toolbar, select Forms.

2. The Form Builder allows you to create custom forms to display on microsites (see How do I create a form using the Form Builder and add it to the PURL?). Complete the setup of the form requirements.

3. If you have not already created the field representing the file to be uploaded (e.g. “Admissions Essay”), do so using the Field Manager. The Field Category required for uploading capabilities is “File”. Select that and the Label will display the command to upload a file. It may be helpful to Label the Field with a request, rather than just the name of the file (Upload your essay here, e.g.).

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